For the engineering providing to exploitation of housing and public houses highly skilled specialists, that own the questions of building, sanitary and technical service, repair and reconstruction of building to perfection, are needed.

Engineers-builders from speciality of "Maintenance, Repair and Reconstruction of the Buildings" engage in the decision of questions of planning, building, technical supervision, repair, reconstruction of building and them sanitaries. The indicated works are conducted with the aim of lengthening of tenure of employment of building, and also, that it is very important, economies of power and material and technical resources.

At planning, building and technical exploitation of housing, public building and them engineering systems by the most widespread measures on the economy of power resources that is executed by the specialists of speciality of MRRB is:2

- research, ground, calculation and planning of energykeeping measures in the buildings;

- warming of external walls;

- setting of energykeeping windows and balconies blocks;

- assembly and exploitation of the automated heatings points;

- installation and exploitation of modern sanitaries;

- assembly of effective pipelines is from a plastic, а metalplast;

- assembly and maintenance of the foreign and home systems of ventilation and conditioning of air.

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