Documents for Admissions

1. Application for admission to the University, which specifies the direction of training (specialty, admission for educational qualification of the expert, master), a form of training and funding sources (made ​​out in the admissions office).

Upon admission to the KNUME applicant has the opportunity to prepare in advance in paper form completed application. The application form for admission to the University, you can open here mode text editor MS Word and print.

2. High school diploma with the application, or a diploma of education and qualification level of the state of the sample with the application (by personal choice - the original or a certified copy) and 2 copies;

3. Medical information form 086 (with map vaccinations) (original or a certified copy thereof);

4. 2 copies of 1, 2, and 11 pages of the passport;

5. 2 copies of the identification code;

6. 6 color photos, size 3x4 cm;

7. 1 envelope with a home address, 1 envelope (16 × 24), 1 folder paper;

8. Persons entering the first year of training in educational and vocational training program for the Bachelor necessarily provide three certificates of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (by choice - the original or a certified copy) and one copy of:

- the Ukrainian language and literature, as required, to all areas of training;

- two specialized training in the chosen direction;

9. In accordance with paragraph 6.14 of the Terms of admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine in 2012, approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine from 12.10.2011 № 1179, coming consents to the processing of their personal data in a single database. If the incoming had not yet turned 16 years of age, the consent given by his parents (adoptive parents) or guardian.

10. Military ID (identity of a postscript to the recruiting station):

11. Notarized copies of documents entitling them to benefits.

12. On admission to the contract form of education is a contract. The contract for training coming, who are under 16 years old, are the parents or other legal representatives, who must have a passport and an identification code.

Originals of the following documents must be presented to the selection committee to certify copies of them:
identification code;

  • passport (birth certificate to persons who do not have passports of age);
  • military ID (identity of a postscript to the recruiting station);
  • original certificate of education (in the presentation of a copy);
  • original medical certificate (when submitting a copy);
  • original document of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (after giving him a copy);
  • documents entitling them to benefits (original).

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